Will completing a qualification help you gain promotion?

One of the things I really love about my job is sending congratulation emails to people who have achieved their qualification. It feels really good to know that the hard work is done and it’s time to enjoy the sense of achievement!

I also love taking people through their induction to the qualification whether it’s management and leadership, learning and development or professional development awards. Starting a qualification while you are working can seem daunting at first but our on line system combined with our personal coaching helps to alleviate any fears.

People work in different ways and we keep the whole thing as flexible as possible to suit their style.

We set deadlines, because if we didn’t there simply wouldn’t be as many congratulations letters going out!

Research shows that those who have gained a qualification whilst working are more likely to gain promotion . It shows those around them that they are serious about their future .

I really enjoy helping people to overcome barriers because through that, the learning curve can be greater. The main barrier to progress is normally the person themselves and it takes a wee while for that particular penny to drop!

Once you have your qualification, wear the badge with pride. Get it on Linkedin, your CV and make sure everyone knows about it.

I love my job because we help people to be the best they can be! And that congratulations email isn’t the end end, but just the beginning... ... ... 

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