On your marks, get set ... ... Go!

by Margo Findlay, Training Matters Change is part of our every day lives and never more so than in the world of work. Technology has made sure that the working landscape bears little resemblance to the one we grew up with, no matter your age.

Before we start coaching people, we ask a lot of questions. What are your qualifications, when did you get them, what is your employment experience, have you done any work based training, what is your work goal, current skills set? This isn’t just because we have enquiring minds (essential for the world of learning) but because we need to find the right course for you so that it can get you where you want to be.

Studies show that successful people undertake qualifications throughout their working lives. They want to learn, they want to keep up to date and most importantly they want to learn the skills they need to do the very best job they can. It is becoming so important in this technology driven world that we not only do these qualifications but we let other people see that we are qualified and up to date. 

I interviewed someone recently who wanted to work in our business – people development. One crucial thing let them down... … they had not done anything themselves. We love seeing the transformation happen, when someone finds the right course, the right people to help them through and then uses it to find the right job for them. Makes what we do so worthwhile. We are starting a campaign next week for Professional Awards in Leadership because in the midst of all of this change, leadership skills are crucial. Oh, and did we forget to mention? Our programmes are online, using the most up to date technology available but with the personal input too.

We can get you to the starting line... … the rest is up to you

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