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I don't think I have ever got back from anything, especially on a Friday afternoon and felt the need to let everyone know about it. The CMI Scotland conference was excellent with inspirational speakers.

The key messages in these time of rapid change were to be authentic, to question, challenge and most of all learn.

The Old Fruit market venue was spectacular and a lot of thought had gone into the table layout, which helped promote conversation and networking.

Amanda McMillian, OBE.CEO,AGS Airports Ltd discussed values based leadership and how to sustain growth through change. This was a real highlight of the day. Her key message was to be authentic and be real. Make sure people know what behaviours are expected of them. She strongly recommended the inner chimp book and it really works.

Paul Little - Principal of Glasgow College. The strap line for the college is Let Learning Flourish. He talked about their journey over the last 9 years to where they are now. They have 900 staff, many of whom were not ready to embrace the change and he gave us insights into their experience. He talked about being disruptive, urging everyone to question and challenge.

Laura Lee - CEO Maggie's Centres. Laura was the real embodiment of someone who truly cares about what they do. Each centre they build, they start at the beginning with new architects which makes them revisit their core values every time. Each new member of staff takes the patient journey so that they know what it feels like. The staff have no offices and mingle together. This was a humbling presentation.

The young entrepreneurs in the afternoon session were really inspirational. Bruce Walker and Nick Cohen shared their vision of the future of leadership. 

At Training Matters we urge people to be the best they can be by learning with us and gaining leadership and management qualifications as a result.  Today‘s speakers were a great example of people who have done just that. Get your learning organised now.


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