Training Matters celebrate their 20th year by looking to the future

We launched our successful "Back to the Future" programme this year and it sums up what we are all about. We have taken our experience and learning gained over the last 20 years through periods of intense challenge and change, and looked to the future to embrace technology and grow our managers of the future.

It also says a lot about the world of work that we are launching our Digital Marketing Diploma this month too. Work has changed dramatically over this time and that change will gather pace over the next 20 years - we will have to be prepared and we like to help people keep a step ahead.

From a very personal point of view, those 20 years have passed in what seems like a nanosecond. We didn't have email addresses when we first started the business and spent inordinate amounts of time dragging folders around the country to be assessed! How times have changed!

As most of you will know we developed the market leader in on line learning systems  and have commissioned paper folders to the recycle bin. We will soon celebrate our 2000th candidate and look forward to many more. We've had 2 offices, 65 laptops, far too many mobile phones, 15 websites and 18 Skills Development Scotland contracts. We have an amazing team now and have had some tremendous people work with us over the years. Our relationships with our customers are central to our success. Once we work with an organisation we learn from each other and the experience strengthens the learning and development process. 

Back to birthdays! It's a time to reflect but also a time to look forward and we will be coming to you throughout August to let you know about programmes and events coming up. We  will be asking for volunteers to share their experience of learning with us to encourage others. We will be choosing some of you to ask what you think will be the next big technological advance in learning... ... with a prize for the winner. 

Our mission statement has always been "Be the best you can be!" and it holds as true today as it did back then. We will face fresh challenges, meet new people and deliver qualifications to help people Be the Best... ... together.

We want you to join us for the next 20 years... ... are you ready?

Now where is that birthday cake ... ...

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