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  • Assessor Qualification (L&D9DI)

    This programme will develop the assessor to ensure that they become more adept at planning, advising, assessing, giving feedback and meeting the requirements of the awarding body.

  • Verifier Qualification (L&D11)

    This programme will develop the verifiers to ensure their abilities to develop assessors to ensure standardisation of assessment decisions within the centre.

  • Professional Development Awards

    Professional Development Awards (PDAs) in Management are for managers at all levels within an organisation. It gives managers an opportunity to develop their performance in their job to become more effective and to progress their career.

  • ILM Awards, Certificates and Diplomas

    This innovative management development programme has been specifically designed to maximise the potential of managers.

  • SQA Approved Centre
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • CMI
  • City & Guilds
  • STF
  • ILM
  • IS

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Training Matters provide quality training, focussing on the development of the individual. By enabling them to achieve their own potential, we help companies, in turn, meet their objectives.

Training Matters are an accredited centre for SQA and ILM qualifications, covering Management, Procurement, Hospitality, Learning & Development and Digital Marketing.

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